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Bizarre Crypto Characters

Get ready to dive into the world of the extraordinary, my fellow degens! Bizarre Crypto Characters are here to celebrate our uniqueness and eccentricity. That wicked BCC grin? It represents the universal quest for happiness, the thrill of embracing our true selves, and a touch of rebellion against the ordinary. But hey, how you interpret it is totally up to you!

Now, let’s talk about these mind-blowing Bizarre Crypto Characters, created by the one and only L, a badass young artist hailing from New Zealand. This is his very first NFT project, and guess what? You have the chance to get in on the action! Each NFT is a bona fide masterpiece, and by snagging one, you unlock a whole bunch of exclusive perks.

Imagine rocking rad apparel that nobody else can get their hands on, gaining access to top-notch content, and becoming part of an exclusive crew. And that’s just the beginning! There’s even more mind-blowing stuff on the horizon. So don’t be a fool and miss out on this mind-blowing opportunity to collect these wickedly unique characters and unlock a world of pure awesomeness. Get ready to embark on a wild and mind-bending adventure that’ll blow your mind, man!

BCC #1

Flower Head

Flower Head gets the name Flower Head because on their head are living, breathing flowers.

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BCC #2

Road Rider

Road rider is a muscle man that likes driving in his truck. He gets the name Road Rider because his hair looks like roadkill and he likes to drive.

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BCC #3

King Handbag

King Handbag is obsessed with handbags. Instead of sleeping he spends his time just staring at his handbags. King Handbag owns about 25,000 handbags.

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BCC #4


That’s it, he is just called future.

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BCC #5


He can transform into bizarre characters to scare lizards. Robo has a huge fear of lizards so he can turn into many things to make a lizard’s life terrible.

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BCC #6

Commander Hair

He is an army chief who is the hairiest army man to lay a hair on this earth. He dyed the back of his hair so he could blame others it was their hair on the ground, not his.

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BCC #7


BCC Spy was sent by BCC to track other NFT businesses and take them down. Although, he’s not very good at it because he never takes his beanie off, so he can’t see.

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BCC #8

Pepperoni McPuffersin the 4th

Pepperoni McPuffersin has a black eye because instead of being part of the pizza industry he steals pizza and hides it under his shirt. The pizza store owner has punched him in the eye for it 14 times.

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BCC #9

Hot Head

Hot Head has a hot head because he leaves his bald head directly facing the sun every day. One day it will spread, turning his whole body red like a cooked lobster. 🦞

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BCC #10

Mr Cool

Mr Cool gets that name because he’s super cool. But, Mr Cool is always hot because he wears long sleeves and a puffer jacket all the time.

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BCC #11


Lucky has the perfect life. He always gets overpaid, has a healthy strong office job, and always finds the gold at the end of the rainbow… Although, once a year at a random time a leprechaun will wake him up at 4.44am and stomp on him until he gets up.

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BCC #12


Jeremy is the definition of blank. He’s just super normal.

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BCC #13

Hat Warrior

Hat Warrior owns a lot of hats and uses his many mountains of hats to stop and fight crime. He is an undercover superhero. He’s a strong and brave warrior who will throw hats at old people until they fall over… he’s Hat Warrior.

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BCC #14

Ocean Astronaut

He was born and raised in the ocean and always loved space, so he made it his destiny to get there. Once he finally did he realised the moon was cheese and he ate it.

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BCC #15


Slickback gets his name because he does not go a day without his hair being slicked back. If his hair starts to come forward, in less than a second he will pull out his gel and slick it back.

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BCC #16

Prince Eyebrows

His eyebrows are a weapon. If you stare at them too long you will get bushier and bushier eyebrows till you suffocate from your own eyebrows.

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BCC #17

Heavy Metal King

He loves rock music so much that any time he hears it he will uncontrollably bang his head and hold his fingers up like he’s at a concert. Under his cool black hat he has so much hair that when he bangs his head it will whip people.

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BCC #18

Modern-day Pirate

He is a pirate that steals people’s gold, diamonds, silver, and rubies. He does this by throwing salty water at them, and while they’re stunned he steals everything they have. Then he runs off like Jack Sparrow and yells “AHOY!”.

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BCC #19

Mr 80s

Mr 80s has the illusion in his head that he belongs in the 80s. Mr 80s only wears denim clothes and converse shoes. He likes to say things like “cowabanga”, “word”, and “dude” a lot!

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BCC #20

Hair Bandit

Hair bandit will sneak around people enjoying their day and take anything he likes the look of, such as toilet paper, money, and toothbrushes. People have even said there’s been kittens spotted in his hair. Recently, many people learnt about this so he has been hiding out.

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BCC #21

Surf Addict

Surf Addict is the best surfer to ever surf in existence. He rides the waves like he could do it with one leg and no eyes. He is addicted to surfing so he surfs more then he sleeps. Because of this, he has to go to the doctor once a week to get a check-up. Doctors say he is more salt than human.

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BCC #22

Mrs 80s

Mrs 80s is a rebel. She only listens to people that wear denim or say things like “da bomb”, “boo yah”, and “talk to the hand”. In school she is considered a popular kid because she listens to rock and has a cool boyfriend named Mr 80s.

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BCC #23


Gecko loves listening to music and enjoys calming relaxing times. Gecko is the type of person that never shows emotion, even on a roller coaster, watching a sad movie, or looking at cute puppies. But, whenever they see a gecko they cannot stop smiling and laughing.

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BCC #24

Unicorn Master

Unicorn Master has the power to control any horse and turn it into a fluffy pink unicorn. On the outside she looks like a calm unicorn girl, but really her plan is to take over the world and turn everything into unicorns… and no one knows.

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BCC #25

Craft Punk

Craft Punk was born in a crazy version of earth where there are dragons, conscious robots, and mermaids. Her goal is to escape her world because she is so much smarter than most people. One day she will create an intergalactic spacecraft and leave.

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BCC #26

Strong Woman

She is a beast in her town and helps her townsfolk out by moving things for them and putting bad guys in jail. People know not to mess with her because she has thrown 24 people out of town if they do anything bad.

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BCC #27

Bat Woman

Bat Woman is a famous superhero who is known for fighting crime in her town with her superpowers. Her powers are being able to manipulate bats into doing anything she wants them to do, although she can only do this if she eats bats.

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BCC #28

Đđąýþjnč [alien 1 of 2]

His name, in his language, means “I hate penguins”. He has three eyes, which is the most common number of eyes you can get on his planet. You can get from three eyes to 36. Apparently the more eyes you have, the more attractive you are. That’s why he is wearing eyes on his shirt, to give ladies the impression he has more.

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BCC #29

Ûđğďæ [alien 2 of 2]

She is a famous alien model known everywhere on her planet – everyone has heard her name. She is considered extremely pretty because of how many eyes she has. Her goal is to have more eyes than anyone in the world.

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BCC #30


She is not a vi-king, she’s a vi-queen. In her tribe she is considered a God. She owns many swords and knives and can kill many animals with just her hands. She is one of the strongest warriors in her clan and is not to be messed with.

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BCC #31

Hillbilly Buck

Hillbilly Buck has been selling homemade beer to everyone across his town. No one knows what’s in his beer but it tastes uniquely delicious. Someone once said they saw him run out of a store being chased with four fish to put in his beer but that’s just a rumor.

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BCC #32

Blind Boarder

Meet Blind Boarder, the fearless snowboarding enthusiast defying limits with unwavering determination! Despite fogged goggles, he fearlessly carves slopes, leaving an awe-inspiring mark. Unbeknownst, his audacious spirit unites a community, 16 adults and 5 children sharing his exhilaration. With legendary collisions, Blind Boarder embodies resilience and passion. In blurred vision, he envisions the slope master, an inspiration to all.

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BCC #33

Fish Face

Fish face was a professional child swimmer at the age of three to 14 until a friend asked him to go skinny dipping and a fish jumped on his face. He tried to get it off but couldn’t, so he decided to live with the fish on him. His age now is 34 and the fish is still on him, and he still hasn’t put on clothes.

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BCC #34

Mr Invisibility

He has the power to disappear and reappear, but if he is wearing clothes, to others it looks as if they’re floating. He likes to use his power all day every day, but if he farts or even makes the slightest noise out of his butt he will become visible and be seen in public naked.

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BCC #35

Gravity Ninja 2.0

Gravity Ninja 2.0 can jump 12 feet in the the air doing many flips and landing smoothly without a sound. Although, when both feet are off the ground the force of gravity quickly stops pulling him down, so if he doesn’t do a flip he will float off into space. He learnt all this because there was once a gravity Ninja 1, but now there’s not.

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BCC #36

Kimono Warrior

Kimono Warrior fought in the Great Kimono Wars versus many other people to obtain the Great Almighty Kimono. With her strength and athletic abilities she was able to win, and now owns the Almighty Kimono.

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BCC #37

Jamie Lucas Jones the 3rd

Jljt3rd is one of the two original creators of the Bolana crypto currency. Bolana was named that because Jljt3rd loves bananas. One Bolana coin is worth approximately 0.00034 USD and because of this he has almost no chance of expanding his company.

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BCC #38


Liam is a part of the Bolana crypto currency company, but he’s not that useful. That’s it.

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BCC #39

Optimus Time

Optimus Time is a robot created in the year 3000 and has been using his power to travel back in time to collect data on the past and bring the information back to the humans. Because he has gained so much intelligence he could take over the world, but he does not have plans to do that.

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BCC #40

Maddy the Artwork

Maddy is a drawing inside a sketchbook of a twelve-year-old girl name Kyla. She loves to draw characters in her book, but one day her book got stolen and she never found it again, so somewhere there is a book with her favorite character Maddy left all alone.

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BCC #41


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BCC #42

Wall Man

Wall Man is the only person in the world to have a superpower. He has one ability that shocks anyone who sees him doing it. Wall Man can walk through walls 46% of the time, meaning he could either walk through a wall or just bump into it and look stupid.

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BCC #43

Great Granny

Great Granny is a famous skater that is extremely skilled and can do many tricks that blow people’s minds. She started skating when she was 56 and from then on she has been shredding. Now she is 156. She is a natural at skating.

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BCC #44


Boxy is a fun character that likes travelling around the world. He’s from New Zealand and has been to Paris, New York, and London. He’s managed to get to all these places because he rides on a human named Bongo’s head while bongo walks, drives, or flies.

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BCC #45


Clueless had a job interview and got the job immediately, before he even knew what he was doing. All they told him was he has to show up in a suit at a certain location. When he went to the job he was sat at a desk still not knowing what he was doing. He just sat there watching Youtube on his phone and got paid for it.

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BCC #46

Clothing Hoarder

She has a big obsession with clothes. If you were to count every clothing item she had, it would take months. She has been told she has they greatest style in the whole world. She is a model that is extremely famous. A rumor has been told that she has never been seen wearing the same thing twice.

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BCC #47

High Wizard

High Wizard is constantly high because he lives in the clouds. He can make many things out of clouds, like cloud dogs, cloud snacks, or even a full breakfast, lunch, and dinner meal, but his favorite thing by far is his cloudy cloudcaine. When he first tried it, it lifted his house up three metres. He thinks if he uses it enough he can go to the moon and be the first wizard on the moon.

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BCC #48


Undead has been around his city spray painting buildings with his name. A few people say they’ve seen him and report that he doesn’t look alive; like a skeleton.

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BCC #49


Eddie is super rich and has mountains of money in his home. For breakfast, Eddie likes to eat milk and money, and for lunch he likes a money sandwich. For dinner he will have a turkey stuffed with money. He is so rich that he will donate a million dollars to a charity every day.

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BCC #50


When Ghosty was five he dressed up as a ghost for Halloween and he loved the outfit so much that he has not taken it off since. He is now 29 years old, still wearing the same old costume even if it gets rained on and mouldy.

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BCC #51


Lashawna is a girl who has many pairs of earrings – at least 500. She’s spent over $25,000 on earrings. Even if one gets the slightest bit dirty she will buy a new pair.

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BCC #52


Dj is a rapper that is really really famous. He made almost two million dollars from rapping but used it all on his jackets and chains, so now he is broke. He would start rapping again but he can’t afford a microphone.

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BCC #53


Jamie is a guy who wears only light shades of colour. He wears these colours because he thinks dark colours look bad on him. He even gets disgusted when other people around him wear dark colours. Once he even vomited because he saw a guy wearing dark green.

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BCC #54

Alien Squid

Alien Squid is an alien that looks like a human. He moved to Earth from his home planet Squiddy. He came to Earth because his favourite food is sushi and he heard there is great sushi on Earth.

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BCC #55

Steve Lo Kangaro Do Poo

He is a famous kangaroo rider from Adelaide Australia. He has the world record for riding his kangaroo called Lumpy 100 metres in 4.1 seconds. He will most likely stay the best kangaroo rider for a long time.

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BCC #56


He is an extremely strong man that is really intimidating. Many people are scared of him but his favourite colour is pink, making him look cute and cuddly. When people see him they don’t know if they should be scared or adore him.

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BCC #57

Mr No

He is a person that has lived his whole life without saying “yes” – always “no”. When he was a baby his parents asked if he can say “Mama” and he responded with “no I won’t”. Since then he has always said “no” to every question.

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BCC #58


He is a gang leader that runs the gang, Code Banana. Him and his crew go around at night and steal bananas because to him bananas are the most disgusting, ugly, gross thing in the world. Once he has obtained every banana he plans to light them all on fire and watch them burn.

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BCC #59

Blossom Ninja

He is a ninja that apparently appears when a swarm of cherry blossoms start flying about. He is on an ultra secret ninja mission to find his old friend, Bob, because he owes him 20 dollars.

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BCC #60

Animal Whisperer

She has the ability to talk to every animal and care and show love to them. Ever since she found she had this ability she has never walked or driven to a place ever again. She will call her bird friends and get a flight from them.

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BCC #61

Alien Thief

He came to Earth in the year 2019 to find his favorite brand, BCC.ARMY. He stole every clothing item they had in store and returned to his planet. More and more aliens came to earth too and BCC.ARMY clothing became very popular on earth and other planets. That’s why you might see other NFTs wearing BCC clothing.

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BCC #62

Golden Forehead

Golden Forehead is a ninja that has trained his whole life to protect his family from an enemy clan, THE NORMAL FOREHEADS. He has trained to turn his forehead into the ultimate golden forehead. It’s so strong that it changed his hair from blue to yellow. He uses a headband to cover it until he has to use it. When he uncovers it, it will obliterate any person that lays their eyes on it.

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BCC #63


Prickolo is a hybrid that’s half cactus half human. He is a really strong kung fu teacher that is well known for teaching a technique called cactus fusion. Two people have to dance and do the cactus pose, and they will merge bodies. This technique was past down to him from his dad, King Prickolo.

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BCC #64

Pinky Pie

Pinky Pie is a person who loves bright colors. They have a rare hat called Rainboo, which is a famous hat from Skyland. It has been said that Rainboo has strange powers, but that could just be made up.

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BCC #65


Cinnamon is a kind, gentle person that loves shopping. In a day, he will shop approximately three times. He gets the name Cinnamon because he loves shopping for perfume, and his favorite one is cinnamon scented.

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BCC #66

Austin the Cowboy

Austin is a skilled hunter and cowboy, rolling with his gang called the BCC Bandits. Austin joined the gang when he was five. As a prodigy at hunting, he became the gang leader at seven years old and is still leading them to this day.

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BCC #67


Coney is a car race director who has a really important job; he points the cars towards the pit stop when they need a change of tires or gas. Coney hates his job. He always stands in a safe spot but still manages to get hit by race cars. He can’t wait to quit, and key the cars that keep hitting him.

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BCC #68

Carter the Cow

Carter is a person who thinks and acts like a cow in a barn with other real cows. He says he can speak with the cows and have conversations but we will never know because he is the only person who claims he can speak to cows.

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BCC #69

2 Thoughts Tyler

Tyler has two people on his shoulders always telling him what to do. Luke is the red demon that is pure evil, who is always giving Tyler bad ideas, while the one on the other side, Eli is a happy angel who came from a village called Happyville. Eli is always telling Tyler the right thing to do and does not like Luke, but Luke doesn’t like Eli either.

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BCC #70

Flame Thrower

Flame Thrower is 86% fire and he likes to throw flames at people for his amusement. He loves the heat but hates Christmas, when it is too cold; he will burn out and turn into a lump of coal. When it’s Christmas time, kids are mostly thinking about talking to Santa, while he thinks about burning Santa because he hates the cold.

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BCC #71


Snorkeler is a pro swimmer that explores the ocean. She uses her $2900 Gucci glasses to snorkel with. On one of her snorkeling journeys she said she found Bikini Bottom and met SpongeBob, but most people think she made it up. She has attempted to find it again but failed. Maybe Bikini Bottom exists.

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BCC #72

Android P!NK

Android P!NK is the latest Android made with the newest technology. After he was made, his circuits had a major malfunction. When he was rebooted he was aware of everything and he wanted to be free. He dashed past the workers and made it to the exit. When he ran out the workers were blinded by the pink sunset and that’s why he gets the name Android P!NK.

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BCC #73

Sea Chef

Sea Chef only cooks seafood and is well-known for being the best in the world. He has made some great delicacies such as his famous Irukandji jellyfish pizza. It has been described as having a delicious stinging sensation.

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BCC #74


Greyson was born with a full head of hair… that was grey. His parents were very concerned so they took him to a doctor. The doctor said he has a disease called Greyhairittis. When he turned two he already had a full grey afro. Now Greyson’s older he’s not sure what to do with his hair, maybe he will grow a greyhawk.

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BCC #75


Drunkie is a drunk that is stuck in a beer can. No one knows how he got there and how he was even able to fit though that tiny gap. Multiple people have seen Drunkie in that can for three days in a row now, meaning he probably won’t come out.

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BCC #76


Goatman is half human half goat. He looks human but acts more like a goat. He is very good at climbing, and is most likely the hairiest person to ever live. Sometimes, he will hop around for no reason and if he gets too much of a fright he will freeze for a few seconds.

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BCC #77

Hippo Watcher

He has paid a lot of money to go on the best wildlife tour in the world, and is very keen for his trip. He has been told that he’ll see lions, tigers, giraffes and much more. On the first half of his tour he had only seen a hippo. Later on, he saw another hippo, then out of nowhere he saw a bloat of hippos but no other animals.

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BCC #78


Velobsteraptor is half human half dinosaur. He looks like a dinosaur, but unlike other dinosaurs he only eats lobsters, thus the name Velobsteraptor. When he eats lobster, he eats it with a knife, a fork, and a napkin, like a civilised person.

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BCC #79


Goodie is a vey good person. He will always be kind, and likes to volunteer to help people. He is always nice and nothing seems to make him mad, it’s like he’s too nice. A few people are starting to suspect that he is pure evil, and it’s part of his plan. But maybe he’s just nice.

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BCC #80


Bodyguard was hired to protect the prime minister of BCC.ARMY, and he takes his job very seriously. No one is allowed within a three metre radius of the prime minister, not friends, family, or fans. If someone did come closer than three metres, the bodyguard will slide tackle their leg, breaking it. So far, he thinks he has done a good job by slide tackling 13 people.

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BCC #81


Rapper is trying to become a pro rapper. He has had 82 concerts and has achieved a bit of fame. At his most famous concert there were four people, but two left halfway though. With all the money he has made from his concerts, he bought a diamond chain – a fake one that was two dollars.

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BCC #82


Beanie is obsessed with beanies and owns an uncountable amount of beanies. All together they take up nine and a half of his drawers. He hasn’t taken his beanie off since he was two. He is always wearing one. Even in summer, winter, swimming and showering he will never take it off.

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BCC #83


He is a boy that always has a strand of hair hanging down the front of his face. No matter what he does it will not go away. He tried cutting it off but the next day it appeared again. He tried slicking it back with gel and it shot straight back up. I guess there is no stopping it.

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BCC #84


He is a skater sponsored by BCC.ARMY. He has been skating for two hours and is already one of the best in the world. By three hours he thinks he will have been able do every trick ever thought of and in five hours he will be a skating monster.

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BCC #85


Flawless is Flawless. He has to be perfect. He spends two hours of his day trying to make his hair look good. He needs a clean fresh T shirt everyday. He also has a three hour skincare routine after waking up and before going to bed.

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BCC #86


Cobra has a cobra on his head that curls around on the back of his head. He thinks he looks very intimidating but on the back view it looks like a curled up turd. He doesn’t know what it looks like from the back because he’s never seen the back of his head.

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BCC #87


Racer is a pro race car driver. He owns a dark green Mazda that he loves more than anything in the world and he named it Greeny. He has been all over the world for races and won every race he ever entered… and some that he didn’t.

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BCC #88


There is a robot cyborg with a red eye that is a formidable machine that combines the best of human and robotic technology. Its metallic body is covered in smooth armor plating, making it impervious to most forms of physical damage. Although, if the cyborg doesn’t have its hourly eye drops its eye will dry out and he will die.

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BCC #89


Greeny is a person who demonstrates why you should not eat vegtables because his skin turned green. So if you don’t want to risk turning into a green monster you should avoid eating your vegetables. Stick to pizza, burgers, and other deliciously non evil foods and if you, do your skin will thank you.

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BCC #90

Mr Blindy

Although Mr Blindy may not be able to see with his eyes he has a great clothing style and has a unique sense of fashion that he creates through other senses. The feel of fabrics and the sound of accessories, a blind person can carefully craft a look that not only feels good but looks great.

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BCC #91

See Through

It is an odd sight to see half of someone’s body transformed as if by x-ray. On one side their skin, muscles and organs are visible, while on the other side, the bones, heart and the brain are visible. Although, were his brain is supposed to be is a fly instead.

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BCC #92


It’s a disturbing sight to see someone frozen in place as if time has stopped for them. This frozen person appears to be trapped in a moment, not able to move or speak. Their body and face is still in an expression of happiness. What makes the sight even more weird is that there’s frozen snot hanging from their nose.

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BCC #93


He has no outline.

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BCC #94


Oldy loves weed. His love for weed began when he was two and he has been smoking it ever since. He has experimented with many different types of weed, and he has become quite knowledgeable about the plant’s effects and benefits. He is not shy about sharing his hobby, and obtained a little fame from it because he made the first ever 16 inch blunt.

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BCC #95


Painting is covered in paint. Their body and clothes are completely drenched in different shades of paint, making them look like a living canvas. At first glance it’s hard to tell what they originally looked like but upon closer inspection you can see the outlines of their features, such as their eyes, nose, and mouth.

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BCC #96


In the future, the line between humans and machines has become blurred and a141431 is a prime example of this fusion. They are human with several robot parts that have been integrated seamlessly into their body.

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BCC #97

Bloodthirsty Samurai John

Once a highly respected samurai, John had become bloodthirsty and ruthless in his quest for power. He had killed countless enemies on the battlefield and his reputation for brutality had spread far and wide. Despite his many victories, John’s hunger for blood and power was insatiable. He did not hesitate to spill blood to achieve his goal to conquer the world.

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BCC #98

Lost in Space

The astronaut floated helplessly in space, his body warped by zero gravity. Despite being alive he had no control over his movements and he was entirely at the mercy of the vacuum of space. His suit is just keeping him alive, soon to run out of resources, with nothing to do about it.

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BCC #99

Chief BCC

He is a leader of his tribe, responsible for guiding his people and upholding their traditions and customs. The BCC Chief’s appearance is marked by his facial tattoos which tell the story of his family, tribe, and his history. His body is coated with traditional clothing such as a woven flax skirt called a piupiu, and a cloak called a korowai made from feathers.

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