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Lennox in Hawaii with his BCC t-shirt on

Get ready to dive into the awesome world of Bizarre Crypto Characters, brought to life by the talented, L from New Zealand. This young artist is a total creative powerhouse, and his love for nature, anime, and gaming shines through in his mind-blowing hand-drawn art.

L kicked things off by minting his very first NFT, Flower Head, on the Solana network back in May 2022. Each and every one of his 1/1 NFTs is completely unique and crafted with pure artistic magic. No fancy AI or algorithm tricks here!

But hey, this is just the beginning of L’s incredible journey. Who knows what mind-bending creations he’ll unleash next? Stay tuned and get ready for a wild ride!

Lennox Roberts - Van Gogh

Introducing P, the mastermind web guy working alongside L on this mind-blowing BCC adventure. With serious skills in working with the Solana API, P is about to unleash a storm of mind-blowing features for the BCC NFT ecosystem. Get ready for explosive generative collections, a custom token called “Donuts,” intense 2D games, competitions, and a whole world of edgy awesomeness. Your support is the key to unlocking this next level of epicness.

Once the first collection sells out or comes dangerously close, P will deliver a wave of thrilling features. This is a team effort, so let’s push the limits and make it happen together. Join forces, smash that first collection out of the park, and embrace the next level of awesomeness. Keep your eyes peeled for thrilling updates as P unleashes a world of pure edgy awesomeness, taking the BCC adventure to extraordinary heights!